Our Pet Sitting Service

Would you like to not worry about the health and happiness of your pets when you leave on a vacation, attend a business trip or stay late at the office? Would you also like to do so without having to impose on family, friends or neighbors. Passion Paw Paws will provide the Best, Loving, and most attentive pet sitting service in your home to ensure Your peace of mind.

Experts have stated that from a pet's perspective, a diet and exercise routine, familiar environment and personal attention can minimize the trauma of the owner's temporary departure.

Our service and team will help you to avoid kennel boarding situations, your pets being uprooted from their familiar environment and, by association, being subjected to a new routine while you are away. This service is provided for all animals. Every thing you do for your pet when you are home will be done when you are abroad. There is no unreasonable request that will be turned down, so you can be assured that your pet will be cared for in the same mannor of which they are accustomed.


Benefits of our service

benefit 1 The ability for your pet to stay in familiar surroundings. Familair smells and sounds allow your pet to eat, play and sleep normally & peacefully.

benefit 2 Individual attention from a single caring pet sitter.

benefit 3 Playtime with favorite toys and games.



benefit 4 Pet's food, medicine, treats, toys bedding, and containment all remain the same.

benefit 5 No exposure to other ill pets or pets with fleas.

benefit 6 No disruption to bathroom times or feeding schedule.

Many More And much much more!